Team ········· Yotam Ben Hur
                    Braden Young

Type ········· Housng
Year ······ 2016
Status ······· Academic

Kathmandu Forest Housing ®
A test site, chosen by the Prime Minister and Nepal’s Department of Planning. It is a site in Tohka, just north of Kathmandu, while still within the city boundaries, yet remote from Katmandu’s city center. The site is approx. 35 acres and will accommodate 300 homes, a kindergarten, primary school, community center, clinic, and parks. A testing ground for the new housing typologies, axillary programs, landscape and master planning.

Within Nepal there is an immanent, growing, and deep rooted problem of deforestation. The average annual deforestation rate has amounted to 1.9% in total between 1990 and 2005, thus, Nepal has lost approximately 24.5% of it’s forest cover (1,181,000 hectares). Deforestation and land degradation appear to affect an impressive, and substantial proportion of the population and have the worst consequences for economic growth and individuals’ livelihood.

By restoring the spent terrain, the occupant becomes integrated and conscious of the forest around them. The city becomes a hybrid of landscape and home. By rethinking the implications a city has on the valued forestscape of Nepal, the green space becomes the urban fabric and the community space for the occupant.