Team ········· Yotam Ben Hur
                     Tom Porat Cohen
Type ········· Housing
Year ······ 2014
Status ······· Academic

Boundary Home®
Housing is one of the major topics in Architecture and represents a significant portion of the professional activity and construction in the country and around the world. The Studio will deal with these issues, studying, considering and comprehending the Housing issue in both Israeli and World architecture history. The Studio will work on the documentation, study and analysis of both national and international examples throughout the years by examination of professional literature and study tours to existing sites.

According to the insights garnered from these materials, the students will develop an individual and personal position paper on the Housing issue and will design an architectonic proposal for a housing complex in an urban tissue, including contemporary, future and timeless topics such as physical needs, social and cultural needs, density, ecology, economy, etc’.

The Studio will deal with the design of a housing complex of 125 units, developing it through three different scales: the single unit, the complex and the urban tissue.‭.